Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Relishing Time

Wow! Remember back when I was so excited about finding green beans? It seems like just a few days ago and now I'm already pulling them up inside the high tunnel to make way for winter greens! Cucumbers are finished and I'm going to use their trellises to see if I can get a batch of peas growing. We've had a flush of nice hot weather and it was almost 100 degrees in the high tunnel yesterday - so I don't think the cool weather veggies will care for that, but on Saturday our temperature is supposed to drop quite a bit.

I've been relishing the process of making relish. I've made sweet relish and corn relish. Both have such a different smell and taste than what you buy at the store. Who would think that the smell of relish could make your mouth water?

I'm running a bit sporadically here with my blog because I'm so terribly busy trying to process everything that has come into season all at the same time - tomatoes, green and yellow beans, basil, cucumbers, summer squashes, and all of my herbs!

On top of all this processing, fall planting must be done NOW and the Farmer's Market is going full blast. I'm playing lots of catch up.

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