Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's (not) A Lot of Salsa!

Here are the fruits of a day of salsa making.

For the amount of time and work put in I should have more jars. My pantry should be full! But this is what I ended up with and I'm happy. Those are quart jars. We've already opened the one on the end.

I learned something today and would like to pass it along. I've heard that instead of wearing rubber gloves when you cut jalapeno and other hot peppers you can instead rub your hands with olive oil. That works - a bit.

This evening my hands feel as if they have a very strong sunburn. I'll be interested to see if they turn red and peel! I think next time I'll wear rubber gloves.

Today I put in push in fences to hold in the chickens near their chicken coop. I plan to move the fences to fresh grass every three days so this is a quick solution. We've had a predator problem and I'm hoping this will help to alleviate it. The chickens were free ranging everywhere and I knew it would only be time... and the time came.

Plus, I'm getting tired of skipping around piles of chicken poo on the walkway to my back door and having them dig through and dig up my landscaping!

A few of the chickens were smart enough to fly over the fence. They had their wings clipped for their troubles. You only cut the outer feathers. It's like cutting fingernails and is painless to the chicken. Though they look a little odd!

6 eggs

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