Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rest......aaaah... And Meet Clover!

Today is Sunday - a day of rest - but I would like to play a bit of catch up on my blog.

Yesterday was the town wide yard sale and the Farmer's Market. Due to my erroneous belief that the Farmer's Market would do well on Friday we tried it then too and sat in blustery weather from 3 until 6 p.m. No business to speak of. Fitz and I made a pinky pact. No more Fridays! The payoff for the amount of work is just not worth it.

Heather and John are thrilled. We added a new critter to our ever growing "farm" family... Meet our new bunny, "Clover." She was being sold by a family at the yard sales. I'm a softy and when the kids say, "please, please, please." I find it hard to say no.

We thought Clover would do well to be in with the guinea pigs, but last night, after Heather was asleep, I went in to check on her and no Clover in with the guinea pigs! Surprise! Rabbits can jump better than guinea pigs and she spent the night running around Heather's room (I was VERY careful to make sure the bedroom door was shut as I don't want a massacre). Luckily, Fitz was able to affix a top to the cage so that we don't find her jumping (and pooping!) around the bedroom again.

Clover is very cuddly and loves being held. She will even fall asleep in your arms when she is held like this.

Have you ever seen a more relaxed bunny?

We've been getting steadily between 5 and 6 eggs each day. The young chickens should start laying anytime now!

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