Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fresh: The Movie

Heather and I drove to Olean, NY last night for a viewing of the movie, "Fresh" at St. Bonaventure. I came home just full of new ideas and "ah ha!" moments. The movie was presented by my business model, Canticle Farms, and I was fortunate to meet one of the owners and get an invitation to visit.

In the movie, "Fresh," the operation, Growing Power, run by Will Allen was particularly impressive. I love how he went vertical -rather than just horizontal - in his high tunnels and green houses. I love his use of aquaponics and vermiculture. Impressive, and something I'd like to emulate!

When Russ Kremer tells how he went from a conventional intensive hog operation to an organic operation it's completely eye-opening. You realize, this CAN be done.

And finally, there's the Sustainable Living Guru, Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farm

These people are changing the world one small farm operation at a time. They're trying to leave something better for our children and our children's children - sadly, something not much found nowadays.

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