Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Comes

Summer has changed to autumn and tomorrow begins my official Fall planting season. This next weekend is the Coudersport Annual Falling Leaves Festival ( my last hurrah at the Farmer's Market. It'll be run on Friday, Saturday, and maybe Sunday (if I have anything left). Hopefully some maple sap buckets and lids will get some paint thrown on them before the festival.

After that, I will clean out the garden, pull up the leftover weeds, till the outside garden, and plant a cover crop. I may even experiment with a cover crop in the high tunnels... something that can be winter killed in February. I have a lot of spotty, yucky tomatoes that will make lovely food for the pigs.

Now I don't just have an egg problem, but I have a predator problem! We suspect a fox it's coming into the yard and picking off my chickens. I know their numbers are dwindling rapidly! I have some traps that just may have to find their way outside.

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