Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Can Be Done, Will Be Done.

Why is it alway so easy to over schedule a day? Today I want to finish cleaning out the beans and cucumber plants, finish my fall planting inside the high tunnel, process a mountain of tomatoes, and run to the dump and Amish feed store. Can it all be done? Very unlikely!

At the end of the day I found I was correct. It couldn't all be done...,especially when you throw in dental appointments for both kids.

I was able to clean out some of the beans and cucumbers. Did you know that pigs love bean leaves even more than they love beans? And they are, well...pigs, about cucumbers! The fall planting and the mountain of tomatoes will have to wait until tomorrow.

The dump and the Amish feed store were accomplished though. We purchased 6 -65 lb. bags of hog feed. 4 - 65 lbs. of chicken feed and 1 -50 lb. bag of shelled corn. The little Amish girl that came out to serve us in the barn weighed about 100 pounds soaking wet, so Fitz kindly loaded the feed for her.

I plan to get some pictures tomorrow!

The weather is changing. Brrr.

5 eggs today.

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