Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Planting and the Beauty of the Garden

It doesn't feel right to be planting at this time of year. I'm experimenting with the idea of people being able to purchase fall shares and receive baskets of fresh greens and other vegetables during the fall. I want to see how long I can keep cold weather vegetables - mostly greens - growing.

I've prepared the beds, spread a rich compost upon them and then run the drip lines before planting.

The lettuces I planted outside are coming up nicely (some are transplants).

While working on the garden I couldn't help but notice the absolute beauty surrounding me. One of the tenets I've been trying to live by is including beauty as well as function into my surroundings.

On an icy cold winter day, when all is dark and drear outside, these photos will sustain my soul.

The horse came back this morning.

As John walked to the bus stop the horse came running across my lawn towards him. I went out and told the horse I'm not his owner and he should go home. He suddenly turned and with tail flagged he thundered back across my lawn towards his own pasture. Boy did the kids on the school bus get a good show!

8 eggs

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