Saturday, August 28, 2010


Walking down for the evening check of the pigs, chickens, and garden I smelled the most intoxicating scent. My nose followed this richly alluring smell directly to my backyard beehive. The bees have been working so very hard to store away precious nectar and spent countless hours fanning it to make the most delectable honey. Tens of thousands of flushed little bodies heat the hive and the luxuriant scent of warm honey is wafted into the air.

I walked around the hive in a circle ten feet away and smelled the scent throughout. I walked downwind from the hive and for thirty of more feet could smell the richness.

I worry. Because if I can smell the lush sweetness from thirty feet away, I fear a bear may capture the scent from three thousand feet away!

I'm worried tonight.

Thursday: 5 eggs
Friday: 6 eggs
Today: 7 eggs

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