Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meet "Pants On The Ground"

Sunday is a day to recharge your batteries and regroup for the week. So we didn't do much more than the required farm chores today. Sunday is probably a good day to introduce you to our characters.

This week's character is know as "Pants On The Ground" or "Charlie Chaplin." We think he's a cochin breed of rooster. He's the only rooster we've ever had who's not mean! He runs away when the kids get close to him. His feathers cover his legs and go down to his feet and he has not much of a tail. So it looks really funny when he runs - just like Charlie Chaplin!

Pants On The Ground is a bit romantic. If he finds a particularly juicy bug he'll set it down in front of him and then make a funny clucking noise to call one of the ladies to come enjoy the treat. Every morning he waits until all the hens have left the henhouse before he comes out. He does love his ladies and will chase them all over the yard and even back to the chicken coop so he can do what roosters do!

5 eggs


  1. How sweet! I think Pants On The Ground is now my favourite rooster! More POTG, please!!!

  2. Silly question, what is POTG?

  3. Sorry, Heather just explained that POTG stands for Pants On The Ground! Silly me!