Monday, August 9, 2010

Characters of the Week: Meet Fred and Ginger

Sometimes, who can resist a "Free Kittens" sign along the road?

We had traveled to Olean on the day before Heather's birthday and on the way I saw the "Free Kittens" sign. For some reason Fitz and I had traveled up separately - Fitz with the kids and me alone. We talked secretly about getting a kitten as a surprise and decided I would pick it up on the way home.

When I got there, the kittens lived in squalor and I couldn't resist taking a brother and sister pair. I didn't know that they were half wild until after I got them home!

Fitz was working out in the garden, and as I walked out with the two kittens in my arms I decided to hide them behind my back. Just as I whisked them around, Fitz looked up and said, "oh no, I didn't see TWO tails!" I laughed and introduced him to Fred and Ginger.

These two little kittens did not want to be touched or seen. They hid out in our garage until one day Ginger decided she adored us and she is the sweetest little kitten you every did see - Ginger, the lover. Fred has not completely warmed up, though we still hold out hope. He is our wild, playful, and mischievousness, kitty - Fred, the hunter.

Fred - Sassy!

Ginger - Sweet!

That pesky hawk seems to have found new hunting grounds, Whew!

5 eggs

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