Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

We've had lots of hot, humid weather and it's making it very tough to want to do anything outside. Yesterday, I managed to save the flat leaf parsley from encroaching weeds before I had to give up working in the high tunnel. It was 98-degrees inside there with not a breath of wind and high humidity. I didn't want to be found passed out among the cucumbers!

The chickens seem to find the combination of the hot weather and the circling hawk oppressive. They spend most of their time cooling off in the shade of the chicken coop. Each day, they go through 5 gallons of their water!

Have you ever seen a chicken drink? They dip their beak into the water and then tilt their head back and allow the water to run down their throat. They do this over and over until they've had their fill.

Heather has thrown out a handful of feed to result in a chicken feeding frenzy!

6 eggs

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  1. Morning, Sharon... I really enjoy your blog ~ makes it feel like you are not quite so far away! HUGs and Blessings.