Monday, August 16, 2010

Leftover Produce

So now I've closed up the Farmer's Market for this past Saturday and brought home my unsold produce. What do I do with it? Processing time! Freeze, can, dry, pickle, mix into baked goods and feed to the pigs.

Most of my recipes and processing information come from THE very best produce cookbook I have ever found. "The Practical Produce Cookbook" by Ray and Elsie Hoover. I purchased it while I was on a trip to Amish country with my dear friends, Rosie and Jim. I have never found a book with as much information and so well laid out.

I used this book to make a few jars of Dilly Beans and Dill Pickles from my leftover produce. I also blanched and froze a bunch of summer squash and yellow beans.

"The Practical Produce Cookbook" starts with asparagus and ends with winter squash. In between it contains just about any vegetable you can think of - spinach and salsify, rhubarb and pumpkins, brussels sprouts and carrots - just to name a few.

Then, under each heading - Beans - for example, it contains information about how to grow the plant, when to harvest it, yields, and often nutritional information. The recipes follow with first soups, then salads, side and main dishes, and with some vegetables - like rhubarb - dessert recipes, and finally canning and freezing directions and recipes.

If you are into cooking, canning, baking, or just into eating well, this is the book to have!

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