Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lots of Catching Up...

It's been a crazy busy couple of days and I haven't been able to get near the computer - much less my blog!

Heather had to go to the orthodontist this week - poor girl. On the way home we stopped and bought a bushel of corn. Can you believe it only cost $7 for a whole bushel!?! Admittedly, it was one day old corn. I wasn't too worried because I was going to freeze in anyway and most of it will end up in soups or other recipes. We found some yucky cobs while were shucking and those went to the pigs. They were VERY happy.

Someone, I won't say who, left the garden gate open this week. You will not believe the devastation a flock of chickens can visit upon a garden! I lost about half of my summer squash and many of my big, beautiful, heirloom tomatoes. It's enough to make you want to cry!

We decided to try the Farmer's Market on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Friday ended up being quite a bust, but Saturday's business wasn't too shabby. We think we'll stick to just Saturdays now that school will be starting up again. A lot of people are buying dill for pickling and the green beans are going well. I sell Carol Jackson's canned goods too and people really love them.

I think I may get just one more week out of my green beans. They're getting too long and tough to sell now. I'm going to go through and pick all that I have - which is tons! - and freeze and can them. Then I'll plant salad greens, radishes, and fast growing cool weather crops in their place.

I didn't think I was getting much out of my cucumbers. I peeked under the mass of vines this morning (I tried to train them to a trellis, but they refused to hang on and kept falling down every time I turned my back), and there were tons of them! I sold a few at the Farmer's Market, but with the season on they aren't in high demand. I think I'd like to try to make some dill pickle spears, some sweet pickles, and some bread and butter pickle spears.

Does anyone have any "use up cucumber" recipes or advice they would like to pass on?

Today: 6 eggs
Friday: 7 eggs
Thursday: 4 eggs

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