Monday, February 4, 2013

The Cogs of Spring Begin to Turn - Maple Season

In my mind, I picture a great mechanism made up of all kinds of big and little cogs fitted together - like the inside of a very intricate clock.  During winter, those cogs have stood still and silent.  Maybe they've collected a little dust and maybe a cobweb or two.  But now, finally, those many cogs have begun to slowly, painfully, laboriously creak to a start.  

Maple season never truly ends, but the most labor intensive period of maple season - collecting and boiling sap - begins in a few short weeks.  We've begun cleaning out our evaporator pans, tidying and setting up our sugar shack, checking sap lines for squirrel damage, removing tree limbs that have fallen on the lines, installing new lines to new areas, and the myriad of other tasks that comprise Maple Season.    

The evaporator pans aren't too dirty.

Fitz power washes the evaporator pan.

Maple sap evaporator pan

Power washing the pan.

The cogs of spring have begun to turn.

I'm happy to see it come.

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