Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aaaah, Yes. Maple Season.

Clearing falling branches from sap lines.  Repairing squirrel and chipmunk chewed lines. Moving giant sap collection tanks into place.  Cutting wood.  Climbing hills laden with tubing.  The excitement of watching drops of clear maple sap drip from trees after you drill the hole and before you tap the spile into place. 

Maple season is here!

Spile and tubing in maple tree.

Over the next few weeks you'll see trucks with giant white tanks driving around.  The tanks look like they're filled with water, but what they're actually carrying is pure maple tree sap!  That sap will get taken to evaporators to be boiled and boiled and boiled some more.   After a whole lot of steam boils off, 40 gallons of that sap will reduce to one gallon of delicious maple syrup.  

And as I look out at very thickly falling snow, I know that spring can't be too far behind!


  1. I'm sure you saw the story of the family making maple syrup and someone turned them in as a meth lab. The police showed up and everything!
    Have fun with maple season! :)

  2. The smell around there has to be incredible.

  3. Candy - no, I didn't see the story about the meth lab. How hilarious! Michelle - there is nothing better than walking into a steamy maple syrupy smelling sugar house! Mary Ann - a LOT of work!