Sunday, April 1, 2012

Florida 2012

I was in Florida earlier this week for my father's birthday.  One day we went to Thomas Edison Summer Home in Ft. Myers and of course I was absolutely fascinated with the grounds and gardens.

His workshop was simply to die for.  It's amazing that without the ever-present plastic and synthetic materials of today they were able to create so much.  I went to the Edison Home many years ago and at that time you could walk through the workshop and home.  Sadly, now you must stand behind tall barriers to look in.  

Finally, I couldn't resist a photo of this tasty and beautifully presented salad that would be simple to recreate!  The order of ingredients:  spinach, grilled portabello mushroom, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers, and a balsamic vinaigrette.  Yum!

It's almost too pretty to eat!


  1. Wow, thanks for the tour. I totally enjoyed that. That tree and it's roots is something else. And that salad is too pretty to eat!

  2. What a beautiful place! I like the gnarly tree roots too. How nice that you got to spend some time with your father for his birthday! :) I would eat that salad, yum!!

  3. It was delicious... and I thought it would be simple to make so I took a picture to remember the ingredients! Imagine how nice that portabello will taste grilled over wood.