Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Pigs Are Enjoying Their Pig Pen

After our horrible pig chase, we got the pigs in a small enclosed area inside their pig house.  When they stopped being so terribly skittish we took the boards off and gave them a very small fenced in area with three rows of fencing around it (no more pig chases!)  

The inside row was an electric fence.  Outside that there was a double row of mesh fencing with concrete blocks at the bottom of the mesh.  The pigs quickly learned that the electric fence "bites"!  

After a few days of learning to "respect the electric fence" (they let out a half yelp, half squeal when they touch it with their nose - a squelp?), we let them loose into their larger enclosure.  You can see the electric fence in the background of the first picture.  They were quite jumpy, but after they made a few heart stopping runs (my heart, not theirs) towards the fence - then they slammed on the brakes - they settled down and began very, very happily rooting.  Every batch of pigs is different, and this is a batch of rooters!


  1. aaaahhhhh chasing pigs doesn't sound like fun. glad you got the pen done and no more pig scrambles! i can't wait to get ours!!

  2. I'm sooo glad they have settled down! They are really cute when they are little! ;-)