Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time To Feed The Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Pigs, and Rabbits

Rabbits?  Yes.  Rabbits!  We've become the proud owner of four Angora Bunnies - a mother and her three babies.  

Right now, because the weather is so chilly and they've been inside rabbits with their previous owners, they're residing in my spare bedroom. 

Today though, because it was so warm and nice for them, they got to spend some time in the half finished outside hutch in which they'll live.  We put the sheet over to give them a bit of shade.  They had so much fun.  The little babies were running around and flipping their legs up in the air and they all loved nibbling on the fresh grass.  I kept their grass intake to a minimum because I don't need these fuzzy critters getting diarrhea!    

Don't they remind you of Tribbles?
 (I'm referring to an oooold Star Trek show, "The Trouble With Tribbles)

Mama Bunny With An Attitude!

Charlie Brown

One of the twins

The twins 
The other twin.

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  1. Tribbles. How sad that I can remember that? Your hutch looks awesome!

  2. Cute!! Fertilizer AND Angora wool! what are you going to do with the wool? Yes the hutch looks like bunny heaven :-)

  3. Yep, I remember Tribbles too!
    Mama bunny is just too cute, love her color! :)

  4. dr momi, I hope to sell the wool. The plan is for the hutch to be moved every few days so they're on fresh "pasture"!

  5. ah yes, tribbles. These bunnies are way too cute! They are on my future list for the purpose of harvesting their wool and spinning.