Friday, June 10, 2011

USDA's New Healthy Eating Icon

The United States Department of Agriculture came out with what I feel may be a better way of figuring out if you're eating healthy enough.  Each day, when you fill your imaginary plate, the majority of your plate should be vegetables, followed by a lesser amount of grains, then fruits, and the smallest portion on your plate is a protein, with a side of dairy.  I like the simplicity!


According to the ChooseMyPlate press release, "MyPlate is a new generation icon with the intent to prompt consumers to think about building a healthy plate at meal times."

You can find much more information (there's even a coloring page for young children) about this new icon and eating healthfully at

1 comment:

  1. Of course, we all already knew this because every mom told us "be sure to eat your vegetables" at the supper table.

    For me, thank goodness mashed potatoes are vegetables so that I can get enough vegetables on my plate. They pile up nice and high.