Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is Summer Finally Here?

The month of May was a climatic roller coaster here in Potter County.  We jumped between temperatures in the 50s to temperatures in the 70s with nights dropping down into the 30s and lots and lots of rain, rain, rain. Everyone's gardens are going in later than usual this year, but they are finally going in!

The weather did great things for the fruit trees, we had lots and lots of flowers and now I'm seeing the beginnings of what I hope are baby apples.  While the flowers were out, I kept seeing a beautiful orange and black oriole going to the flowers and poking it's beak into them.  Do orioles drink nectar?

My front door flower urns are growing beautifully!  There's one of these on either side of the front door. I have to have my flowers in heavy concrete urns because the wind here is fierce and a simple pot would blow away!

The weather has been perfect for hostas - and so far the slugs have not chewed on them.  I find the chickens poking around underneath the plants.  Maybe they're cleaning out the slugs?

The chive bed is springing up and flowering!  I'm working on a recipe from Mary Jane's Farm for a homemade chive-laced soft cheese spread for my Farm Share baskets.  If it works out, I'll put in the recipe with the fresh chives they'll be getting.  I hope it'll be something yummy for hanging out in the evenings with a glass of wine!

Yes, I think summer is finally here!

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  1. Again wishing we were closer and could partake in cheese and wine as well!!!