Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whistling, Howling, Snowy Wind

What a wind storm last night!  The weather has been absolutely fantastic the past couple of days and the warm weather has melted off a good portion of the snow.  My slipping and sliding (and even falling down) trip to the chicken coop was made much easier.  But now the wind is blowing in more cold and snowy weather.

We plan to get going on our maple taps today, but first we'll have to attend to some home maintenance.  This morning, as we were sleeping, we suddenly woke up to a metallic banging above our heads.  I thought a shutter had blown loose, but when I stuck my head out the window into the frigid morning air I found that the metal trim over the fascia had blown loose.  So, home maintenance and then tapping trees.

Tonight, we are hosting a meeting of Market Farmers.  We hope to get with everyone and kind of "get on track" with what we all would like to do.  We want to plan out who will be growing what, and when and where we will be selling.  It's good to get together and discuss this - rather than "reinvent the wheel!"

I better get myself off into this blustery morning.  Good day all!

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