Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring PlanNing

We are in the hardest part of winter, but already spring is beginning to make itself felt - in the planning stages.

The garden is being planned.  I must calculate seed starting times, planting times inside the high tunnels and outside, seeds ordered, garden layout, weed control, fertilization, and much more.

Maple season is almost upon us.  There are lines to be repaired, new lines to be run, taps to put in, holding tanks to be placed, and much more.

This year's pigs are ordered.  Get their feed, clean up their pen, make sure the fence is in working order.

Chicks must be ordered.  What breeds do I want?  When do I want to get them?  Will it be warm enough to put them in the shed with a light?

We are meeting with other farmer's to get a Farmer's Market plan.  Who is growing what?  Where will we sell?  And much, much more.

We've ordered more bees.  What breeds do we want?  How will we handle the bees we have?  Where will we place them this year?

Maintenance and projects are being planned.  Paint the porch, paint the building, build and paint a pool deck, run power to the pool, shed, and high tunnels, run water.  And, oh, so much more!  

What have I forgotten?

Would anyone like a working farm "vacation" this year? 


  1. McMurrays hatchery has put a list of endangered chicken breeds up, I am going to select a few for this years chicks. I dont need more chickens (according to Larry) but a few endangered ones will be good!


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  4. Thank you! I will cross reference it with Hendersons!