Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting Maple?

Winter is beginning it's end of season roller coaster temperatures.  Yesterday morning when we got up it was 40-degrees and today, at the same time, it's 10-degrees!

We're preparing for maple tapping season to begin this next weekend.  Fitz has hauled the tanks up out of the deep snow in the backyard and they're lining the driveway.  We'll be placing them at the bottom of our sap lines and one tank will go in the back of the truck.  There's still a lot of snow out there!  

I'll be posting some great pictures of us tapping trees and hopefully lots of sap running into our tanks!  We're supposed to have some almost 50-degree days this week, so I'm hoping the some of the snow in the forests will melt off.  Snow on top of sticks and forest clutter can be quite an ankle twister!

Here is a link to  the Buy Fresh Buy Local sign for the Northern Tier (that's us - our county is on the northern tier of Pennsylvania).  http://www.northerntierbfbl.com/  It's the only one you'll find with a maple bottle on it.  See the maple leaf bottle in the bottom right hand corner? 

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