Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My araucana chickens (also know as the "Easter eggers) are getting pretty old and at the end of their laying lives.  But the other day they surprised me....

I had put fresh hay in the laying boxes and I guess in the process of getting the hay fluffed they way they wanted it they pushed an egg down to the bottom.

I was so excited to finally see a green-blue egg...

But then I turned it over and found it had been out too long in the well below freezing temperatures and it had frozen solid and the shell had split.  It went into the compost.

Happily, the next day they treated me to another!

We have been hit by the big storm that's rolling through the Northeast.  I spent the night listening to ice click against the windows.  Luckily, we've kept our power so far!  The ice is thick enough that the little dogs can walk right on top of it and it makes the best sled riding surface.  The kids are outside playing as I write.  This morning, as I tended to the chickens, the ice started to fall again and now we have more snow coming down.  

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