Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Eggs

I did so great this year, I planned ahead for the slack laying period during the winter and froze lots of eggs for baking.  I took the eggs a dozen at a time, cracked them into a bowl, mixed them up, and then froze them in ice cube trays.  Two cubes equaled one egg.

I've read that in France there are different recipes for summer eggs and winter eggs.  I was prepared to change my way of cooking - no more fried eggs in the morning.  Maybe I could have them scrambled, but I've found that, although much better than any store-bought egg, winter eggs don't quite have the richness of summer eggs of chickens who forage every day.  These frozen cubes of egg would be reserved to be thawed and mixed into recipes for cooking and baking.  

Strangely, over the summer we had a period of very little egg laying.  It occurred during Farmer's Market season when people asked for them - which was frustrating. We went on vacation just before the egg dearth and I've wondered if the change in care affected their egg-laying?  Maybe the hens were just mad at me!  I've always read, and our chicken's history has been, that egg production is dependent upon the length of day.  We don't put lights on our chickens in the winter.   I prefer to go with their natural (or in this case unnatural) cycles.  I feel like its a little easier on the chicken to get a "rest."    

Do the frozen eggs work well in recipes?  I don't know because I haven't cooked with them yet.  My chickens haven't stopped laying!  We're getting roughly six eggs a day.  To be sure I'm very happy about it.  Fresh eggs have got to taste better than the frozen eggs I haven't tasted.  I don't know what's causing the continued egg-laying.  I've been feeding them a bit more to get through the cold weather.  But, in any case, having eggs at this time of year feels very unusual for us! 


  1. Ours are laying very well this winter... but we do have lights in the henhouses, and turn them on in the morning when we go out to do chores. We are getting between 16-20 eggs a day most days.

  2. Mary Ann. Do you think its due to the milder winter?