Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby English Angora Bunnies For Sale (Sadly, I Am No Longer Raising Angora Bunnies. They Consumed More Time Than I had Available For Them)

Wow!  The baby bunnies grew soooo fast and they all survived!  Can you believe that not so long ago they looked like this?

Who would have thought that the cuteness could grow?  Well it sure did!  I'm excited to announce that I have seven beautiful English Angora bunnies for sale.  I'm keeping one female, Pearl, because I'm in love with her coloring.  

We have four chocolate agouti bunnies for sale.  They are:

The two little boys, Brownie and Hickory
and the two little girls, Truffle and Sassafras (Sassy)

There are two beautiful black bunnies
The little black boy (upon closer inspection, Jet is a girl!), Jet.
and the little black girl, Inky SOLD

There is one beautiful lilac angora: SOLD
Smokey, the boy, is a lilac angora (the lighter gray) and Pearl the girl is a blue angora (the darker gray).  I'm keeping Pearl because she's beautifully blue, but has a pure white wool undercoat.  

We tried very hard to get single pictures of each bunny but had some difficulty.  Here are random shots.  If you are interested in purchasing an angora bunny, we will do our best to get you some great shots.  


Smokey SOLD

Light gray wool undercoat found on Jet and Inky


Light gray wool undercoat found on all the chocolate agouti bunnies


A basket of cuteness!




Don't miss these videos of the bunnies!

Angoras are bred mainly for their wool because it is silky and soft. At only 11 microns in diameter it is finer and softer than cashmere. They have a humorous appearance, as they oddly resemble a fur ball with a face. Most are calm and docile, but should be handled carefully. Grooming is necessary to prevent the fibre from matting and felting on the rabbit. A condition, wool block, is common in Angora rabbits, and should be treated quickly.  These rabbits are shorn every three to four months throughout the year. Source

The price for each baby angora bunny is $25.00.  If you are interested, please e-mail me at or call 814-274-7825.   


  1. They are so precious...and as my son says fuzzy...thank you for sharing these delightful pictures with us.

  2. I love them. They are so cute. Unfortunately we can't have rabbits. My Dogs would see them as lunch.

  3. They are just soooo stinkin' cute!! I hope you sell them all! :)

  4. Cute, cute, cute!!!! Good luck selling them!!

  5. Must remember the babysitting-two-month old job kicks in very very soon. Cuddles will be so available then... it's soon now.... pass on the bunny.... awwww, so soft tho..... What a basketful of cute-i-tude !~! Pass on the bunny.... love from afar..... pet the kitty instead.... will the kitty like the bunny ?~!.....

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I bet kitty would get along with the bunny! : )

  6. I would love to purchase one. Do you ship or must be picked up?