Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Morning Farm Snippets

The morning begins with a walk through the dewy grass.  Boots required. 

I usually have at least one animal walking with me.

Then open the barn doors.  Flower, our Idaho Pastured Pig, and her piglet, Fern, can't wait to get out to do their "business." 

Feed and water the goats.

Feed and water the turkeys.

Feed and water Flower and Fern.  Most mornings Flower pushes her way into the barn and takes a quick little stroll around before rushing to her food.  Today, I had a little excitement when she opened the sliding barn door to the outside decided to take a walk outside.  Happily, she herded prettily easily back into the barn, "whew," and the morning routing continued.  

Feed and water Tigger, my IPP boar. 

Feed and water the chickens and ducks.

Check on the bees.

Open up the sides and ends of the high tunnel so that I don't cook the garden.

Check out some beautiful flowers.  Chives and beautiful dandelions, "bee food."

And then then the mornings end with a happy "tail." 

Happy Saturday!

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