Sunday, September 30, 2018

Just A Couple of Funny Tidbits

I returned from visiting my daughter, who is in the Air Force stationed in Germany, last week.  What a great trip and how awesome it was to spend time with her!  While I was gone, I talked to my husband and asked if he was taking care of the garden - mostly, keeping it watered.  He said he was.  And I asked if he was enjoying all the fresh tomatoes.  He said he didn't know why, but they just weren't ripening!  The weather had turned cool and rainy, so I suggested he put down the sides of the high tunnel to make it warmer inside.  Which he did.  Still no ripe tomatoes!

I came home from my trip and went out to the garden and this is what I picked...

Never ask a man who is color-blind and can't very well tell between red and green if the tomatoes are ripe!

A day later I was brushing down the horses and our dog, Ladybird, a young Viszla with boundless energy, was right behind my horse Loch and he pooped on her head!

Add dog bath to the list of chores!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Chicken Killer

You know there's something wrong when you go out to the chicken pen and there's a vulture sitting on that back tall fence.  Then, another vulture flies up as you walk towards the chicken yard.  

Sure enough, the vultures were after TWO chicken carcasses - I found the third one later.  Sometimes death comes quickly to the chicken yard and it's usually easy to guess what it might be....

...Skunks don't usually eat chickens - just the eggs.
Opposums usually eat only the chicken's head.
Raccoons eat everything.

We, thankfully, haven't had experience with rats, weasels, or bears.  (My neighbor had a bear tear apart his chicken coop and kill six chickens - all that was left were piles of feathers and a lot of building damage!) 

Something had eaten almost the entire chickens and I was pretty sure it was a raccoon.  We put out two live traps - one in the chicken pen and the second in the turkey pen...

...the next morning

Rocky Raccoon will be relocated far, far away from everyone!