Saturday, June 9, 2018

Summer Is Here!

Every single day I walk outside, sigh, and say,
"I love summer."  
We finally have beautiful summer weather!

Of course, this is a crazy time in the gardens and I'm so far behind! It seems like we went from having no grass to having grass up to my waist!

But I always love to take a few minutes to look at the birds and the insects.  I feel sorry for people who feel they have to clear every dandelion out of their lawn because they miss so many interesting insect sightings!  (Plus, it's a great first food source for the honeybees)

It's fun to see how many different pollen and nectar collectors one can find!

After the dandelions faded everything else burst into bloom and my Miss Kim lilacs are gorgeous!  The almost overpowering scent draws butterflies like a magnet!

I was a little sad to see this monarch, because monarchs, to me, are harbingers of autumn.  I did a little research and found that this is not a monarch butterfly, but the black line near the bottom of its wing tell me it's a look-alike butterfly named the Viceroy butterfly.

The gardens are calling.  Enjoy a beautiful summer day!