Saturday, May 3, 2014

Beekeeping: A Labor Of Love

We joke about the costs of beekeeping.  

How do you make a million dollars with beekeeping?  Start with two million."  

Every year, it seems, we buy more bees to make up for the die-offs of the previous year.  This year's long cold winter was hard on our bees.  But, once you get hooked on this hobby, its hard to stop.  The little world of bees contains so many intricate parts that the fascination never ends.  Beekeeping has become more and more difficult with all of the environmental impacts that we humans have brought upon the bees.  We fight to keep our bees alive and pollinating and then the joy comes when you help your bees thrive.   Then, finally, there's the added bonus when you're able to harvest some honey and beeswax from them. 

I picked up five packages of bees at Brushy Mountain Bee Farm in New Columbia, PA, yesterday.  I got home too late yesterday to put them into their new homes.  This morning, as soon as the weather warms a bit, the bees will be installed into their new hives.  

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  1. Fascinating subject. A young man moved in on the next street with Italian bees i think he said. He too loves them and tends to them carefully. I don't know what happened over the winter, we last spoke in Sept. Now my curiosity is piqued...