Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Awaiting Piglets.....

We are still waiting for our gilt, Flower, to farrow!  I've just read that sometimes animals will give birth around the full moon, and the full moon is tomorrow, so maybe tomorrow will be the day.  

I played with the video part of my iphone today.  So I have some great videos.  We have warm, but quite rainy weather, so everything looks a bit dismal.  Speaking for myself, I don't care about the rain - as long as it stays warm!  

I woke up this morning and looked out my kitchen window at this.  With all the gorgeous grass out there I don't really understand why my back yard is such a draw.  Don't you love the bright green of the grass?  The color is so saturated that it almost sears the eyeballs.  

(Oops, the whooshing sound is my coffee percolator)

Aren't the deer lovely?  Lovely, delicate, and oh, so, destructive!  After I took the video the dogs went out to "relocate" them. 

The herb perennial herb gardens have taken off.  Chives, oregano, lemon balm, and the mints grow fast.  I don't think the thyme survived the harsh weather. 

Mulching, landscaping... a never ending job.  

Each morning, the chickens create a "chicken explosion."  I shut in the chickens each night because there are many predators in this area and we've been hearing a fox at night.  At 38-seconds, the vixens scream is what we've been hearing.  This is a creepy sound!  


We've been creating a permanent raised bed on one side of the high tunnel.  This will be devoted to fruit trees, tender perennials (lavender and rosemary) and strawberries.  

We checked the bees five days after we installed the packages.  All the hives were doing great with the queens released and evidence of eggs in all hives.  We'll give them a bit of time to build up and check them again - next week!

Finally, here is a picture of our gilt, Flower.  This picture does not do justice to her teats which are almost sticking out sideways!

She's created a cozy nest in the corner of the stall

Here is the big girl eating breakfast.  You can hear the turkeys and goats calling for their breakfasts as well!  The turkeys have begun to lay eggs, but the hens haven't pulled them together into a clutch yet.  

Rosie and Violet.. feeding time is the only way to get a picture of them standing still!

The big boy, Tigger.  He is a sweety and I think he's gorgeous!

The rain and thunder made for some dogs who followed closely on my heels and who looked quite miserable!   Candy Cane didn't want to leave the barn!

Cross your fingers that we'll be seeing piglets soon!

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