Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deer Day

Yesterday was "Deer Day."  It's the first day of buck hunting season with a gun and a day off from school for the children.  In the past, here in northern Pennsylvania, so many children missed school on the first day of deer hunting season that the schools decided to make it a day off.  

I watched my Facebook and all around people reported not seeing anything.  Of course all the people who come to our area and drive around spotlighting deer, tramp through the woods to find the perfect hunting spot, and spend Sunday shooting to sight in their rifles may have something to do with it.  All those deer ran for the hills! 

I hunted... or rather, I should say I took a very slow walk through the woods while carrying a gun.  All I got was a tick in my foot.  Sigh.   

I came across this funny little poem:

Ode to a deer camp.

My wife I fear
Big racked deer
Cold cold beer
I'll stay here!

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1 comment:

  1. LOL, great poem! I heard some shots around my house, but never saw any deer. I heard someone got a 13 point in Moscow, but that was about it. My girls enjoyed the extra day off, me not so much..lol :)