Sunday, November 27, 2011

Auctions and Ideas

This past weekend my friend and I hit two auctions.  The first one we went to was for farm equipment.  We went to look at the horse trailers, but they were one-horse trailers and wouldn't work for us.  We figured a horse trailer would be handy if we ever get a horse, mule, donkey, etc. and it could replace our hillbilly trailer for hauling pigs! 

The second auction was for household goods.  There were a few things I liked, but I'm not very good at auctions and by the time I make up my mind the items are usually gone.  I picked up a large batch of vintage magazines, though.  The issues date from different months in 1911 until 1919 and the magazine was published in nearby Smethport, Pennsylvania.  Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with them!

One idea I had was to frame the magazines with the front cover showing and with frames wide enough for me to paint a design, a picture, or something else that pertains to the picture on the magazine's cover on the frame.  I really hate to destroy the magazine, so I plan to put the whole magazine in the frame.  I think I could do something unique.  

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It's a great day to take a look at the Barnyard Hop at Homestead Revival!

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