Sunday, July 24, 2011

Itchy, Happy Pigs

I filled the pig's water barrel this week and while I was at it I thought I would give them a little bit of a spray.  

The weather has been so hot and dry and and the flies have been really biting.  To gain some relief I noticed the pigs have been wallowing in the dust, but they just couldn't get comfortable.  I knew the dust baths weren't working so well because as soon as I sprayed a little bit of water on the ground the pigs came running and flopped themselves down into the damp earth.  They immediately started rolling and frolicking around in sheer relief!  

It looks like I sprayed a lot of water, but I really didn't.  I'm being SO careful with the amount of water I use.  The ground in the pig pen is so dry, hard, and dusty that as soon as I put down a little bit of water - which wouldn't soak into the hard packed earth - and they started rolling in it, it turned into soup!  

This is one happy pig!

Daisy was not impressed with the pig's antics.  The galloping around and playing kind of freaked her out and she started barking at them.  

After a nice mud roll, when all those little "itchies" come to the surface, one must have a really good butt rub!



  2. Love the piggers! :-)

    Hubby and I went to an animal sanctuary that has rescued pigs (farm & pot bellied), horses, geese, turkeys, horses, and the like. We saw some of the biggest pigs there! They said that no one knows how big or how long pigs usually live because they are butchered before they get to full size. They had 5 pigs that were over 900 lbs. They were H-U-G-E!

    I love these pics! Thank you for posting them.

  3. My favorite quote last week was from my 4 year old grandson. "Grandma, I like playing in the mud just like the piggies!" ---- Piggies LOVE mud :-) Great pics!

  4. Love the pig pictures! Pigs are on my "to-get list"