Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Sets Its Teeth

In the past few days we've really begun our true winter.  The temperatures are hovering below freezing and now the snow is coming down hard and sticking.  The high tunnels are covered with snow and when I go out into them it's like entering a quiet, cool world.

The temperature inside the high tunnels is still warmer than the outside air.  For example, today it's 22-degrees outside and it's 34-degrees inside the high tunnels.  But they're not growing much - although  yesterday I did go out and pull some turnips and picked some parsley to go with our dinner.

Parsley, I've found, is a surprisingly hardy herb!  I would think that because it is used a lot in Italian cooking, and many Italian vegetables are tender (tomatoes, summer squashes, peppers), that it would be a tender plant.  It is still giving me beautiful green leaves - even in the heart of winter!

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