Thursday, December 2, 2010


"Isn't it curious that at this juncture in our culture's evolution, we collectively believe Twinkies, Lucky Charms, and Coca-Cola are safe foods, but compost-grown tomatoes and raw milk are not?"

I don't who wrote this, but it sure does open up some interesting discussions.

For example, I think about how it's so very easy to fall victim to advertising mentality!

 How many times have you seen the Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing commercials where kids are at a vegetable carnival?  Or the one where they hit a pinata filled with vegetables?  The children grab their vegetables, then run and dig them into the yummy dip and gobble them up.  Everything just seems so wholesome and healthy.  So, subconsciously, as I'm buying Hidden Valley Ranch dressing those commercials are in the back of my mind and I'm thinking "healthy."  I plunk some vegetables and that bottle on the table and tell my kids, "gobble away!"

Then, one day, I looked at the ingredients.  What IS disodium phosphate?  And why does salad dressing need to have potassium sorbate and phosphoric acid in it?

It becomes a toss up.  Do I want my children to eat their vegetables because they have this dip?  It really does taste good!  But do I want to put a bunch of chemicals on their organically grown vegetables?  I could make my own dip, but the kids really do like this stuff.  What a problem!


  1. great post, I know I love it to and then there is the quandry!

  2. I was just about to start raving about the dressing we use, "All Natural Marie" until I looked on the label... So, turns out we digest both dried torula yeast and xanthan gum when we eat it. What a conundrum!!!