Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Critter Castle

Heather loves her rabbit and guinea pigs and their home seems to get more elaborate all the time.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend we worked on what will undoubtably be the last manifestation of a critter home.

She worried that the previous cage was not tall enough and the bunny couldn't stand up properly.  Now it's tall enough for him to stand up and stretch out.  She worried that the critters couldn't run around properly.  Now they have plenty of room.  And she worried that the bunny didn't like living with the guinea pigs.  Now he lives in his own suite.

And of course we had to pretty it up!

A whimsical dragonfly...

Bunny tracks...

And a scattering of flowers across the top...

And for me, the very best part is that Fitz designed it with vinyl-flooring covered trays on the bottoms that Heather can slide out and easily clean!

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