Monday, October 4, 2010

Coudersport Falling Leaves Festival 2010

This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was the Coudersport Falling Leaves Festival here in Coudersport, Pennsylvania.

We were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather - crisp, sunny, and smelling of the wonderful fall leaves (and during the festival the wonderful smell of italian sausages frying with onion and peppers and the aroma of popping kettle corn).

What a wonderful way to finish out the summer!

For the Festival I had two tents linked together - one with fresh vegetables and one with Carol Jackson's preserves...

The three day weekend was bittersweet. Although I won't miss the very hard work associated with a Farmer's Market, I will miss the regular customers and friends I met during the summer.

(That's my Mom helping out.)

Some of the other Farmer's Market vendors...

The Antique Car Show...

(Heather and John chose the car above for Fitz)

And our beautiful Maple Sweetheart, Rhea Ianson; crafts, a hay ride, chainsaw carving, and much, much more...

A small town parade is always special. When the people in the parade are your friends and neighbors it makes it so much better!

Especially when it's my own great kid!

Yup, that's John, the hard-playing boy with the very dirty knees!


  1. Wow! That looks like a fun time!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. That's the joy of living in a small town. John has really grown! Handsome young man! Keith would go crazy for half the pig, but I'll take those gorgeous veggies! Miss and love you all.