Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Babe" No More

The pigs have become quite large and have lost that cute little "Babe" piglet look.

Funny though, they act the same. I still chuckle when they hear me in the morning and come charging to the front of the pen for their breakfast. The squeeling/screaming has really lost it's charm though.

And, while it's cute when little piggies are pushing past to get to the feed trough, it's not so cute when it's 250 pounds of hog shoves you aside. I have to wonder what would happen if I fell down in the field? (I can guess)

Is anyone interested in buying half of a pig? They leave for the butcher on October 25th.

By the way, doesn't this lettuce look scrumptious?

The variety is black-seeded simpson that I planted outside this fall. I thought the frost got it, but it bounced back beautifully!

10 eggs
3 eggs
6 eggs
5 eggs

1 comment:

  1. I want pig!! But how to get him across the country?? And a half one at that??? Must take longer to run on only two feet....