Sunday, August 15, 2010

Farmer's Market A Success!

We had our grand opening of the Coudersport Farmer's Market yesterday. I feel it was a complete success!

In previous years the Farmer's Market had been one big tent with everything underneath. But that system required an inordinate amount of work for the one person setting it up.

I thought that maybe it would be better if each farmer brought their own tent and produce as they could come. It worked very well! It increased the visual appeal and now each farmer can come as they are able. We hope to end up with a very nice sampling from many small farmers in the region.

Fitzgerald's Family Farm booth with mixed vegetables, herbs, canned goods, jellies, and maple syrup:

Misty and Katy Reed's booth. They specialize in mixed vegetables and happily had many things that I didn't carry - including potatoes, onions, and lots of gorgeous cucumbers!

Tadd and Ellen Ostraski's booth. Hot and sweet peppers of all kinds!

Alvie Fourness' booth. The world's best garlic.

Two handsome boys! Sadly, Heather was home ill with strep throat.

The "Tom Corbett for Governor" bus came through on it's whistle stop tour while we were there at the farmer's market (you can see it in the background of the first picture [right click to blow up the picture]). He came around and shook everyone's hands.

I have a feeling that when the people running this campaign saw a small town farmer's market in a picturesque little square their eyes lit up and went "ka-ching!"

7 eggs : )


  1. That looked awesome, Sharon! Great work!! We visited our local Farmer's Market yesterday, and I am learning to appreciate all the work that goes in to these people's Saturday booths!

  2. Great post! You captured what is so wonderful about a farmer's martket. The traditional way selling of agricultural products and the important social ties within the community. I'm very proud our small-town farmer's market on the square. I'll be back next season with more great garlic. Can't wait.