Friday, March 16, 2012

We've Boiled Down All The Sap

All the sap we collected is finally boiled down with a grand total of about 80 gallons of maple syrup made! A lot of it is quite dark.  

The maple taps get pulled today.


  1. :-) ....a whole 3 gallons here. We're done. Taps get pulled tomorrow. Next year will be a gusher!

    1. I love that you tap your own trees. Three gallons for a family is perfect!

  2. I'll bet the dark syrup is really tasty! :)

  3. Candy, you're right. What they sell in stores is Fancy Grade A Light (or medium) syrup. To me, that just tastes sweet - like sugar. My favorite has always been Grade B. It's a very dark, luscious syrup with a strong maple taste. The maple taste really stands out when you pour it on pancakes or use it in cooking. I make my granola cereal with it. Yum!

  4. I have friends in Canada and they save the tasty "B" syrup for themselves and sell the lighter stuff to the tourists. *heh*