Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frost and Happy Pigs

Oh boy, we had our first heavy frost this morning.  Fall has come on strong and summer already feels like it was a dream.  

During the summer, have you ever looked at the lush, green-leafed trees and thought, "I can't imagine being able to see every branch of that tree?"  Then winter comes, and by the end of winter you look at the skeletal trees and think, "I can't imagine there being so many leaves on that tree that I can't see the branches?"  

A friend and I cut corn stalks yesterday.  The pigs have one and one-half weeks before they go to the butcher and I have one sack of feed left.  I'd like to get by without buying any more feed.  The friend has a field of older corn that he's letting me have (thank you Jim - for the corn and the help!).  

The pigs don't seem to mind that I'm giving them lots of corn stalks with the starchy corn cobs still on them, mushy tomatoes, baseball bat-sized squashes, and tree dropped apples.

They ate so much yesterday that they actually got full (I didn't imagine that could happen) and they didn't finish what I gave them!

That is one contented pig face!

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  1. That IS one contented pig face! :-)

  2. Incredible-I have never seen a pig eat til it was full-What a great experience to have !~!

  3. We are looking forward to getting pigs next year for the first time. Don't be surprised if I bombard you with questions before then ;) How about just one for starters-what breed are yours?

    And yes, I am always sad to see the trees get naked. Winter has a bonus tho! Time to sew!!!

  4. Aww they are so cute! I can't wait to get a few pigs, but first a hen house next spring. We are in PA too! Northeastern PA anyways. Military has settled us here for the next few years but I am hoping this is our last move. We LOVE it here! So glad to meet someone else from PA :)