Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bleechh! Snow!

The East Coast is getting hit with snow this week.  We had our first blast on Thursday, which just happened to be the day that I chose to finally finish up butchering the last of the meat chickens.  I wanted it cold so there wouldn't be flies, but not as cold as it got!  

You know it's probably too cold to butcher chickens when you find yourself looking forward to sticking your hand inside to gut them because it's warm in there!

With freezing hands and toes we did get the job done and it's a relief to have that batch of chickens safely put away in the freezer for a winter of delicious dinners.  It's interesting to note that the egg-laying chickens seem so much calmer and happier with the meat chickens gone.   


  1. We didn't get any on Thursday but it is coming down today! This is the girls first snow fall in PA and they are having a blast! Having a hard time keeping them out of it and

  2. Now that is too cold to butcher chickens when you look forward to sticking your hand in a warm chicken cavity! ... I think your layers are just laying low in case they are next. :-)

  3. I love dr momi comment....they are laying low in case they are next:-)..almost died laughing...but my kids would be jealous of your snow about now. I LOVE the snow....but HATE having to drive in it.

    Have a wonderful and safe weekend.


  4. My layers MIGHT be next if they don't start putting out a few eggs!