Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Purple Beans

I love growing purple beans.  We sell them at the Farmer's Market as "Barney Beans" and let the kids taste them.  They usually like them!

Last year I grew purple pole beans and they were pretty good, but I really liked the tenderness of the variety I grew this year: 

"Burpees Organic Garden Bean Royalty Purple Pod" - a bush snap bean. 

Here's the funny thing about cooking purple beans - they turn green!  

Fresh picked beans in the basket waiting to be blanched for freezing: 

Beans with the tops snipped off and broken into pieces - look at the green insides:  

Beans dropped into a pot of boiling water and starting to turn green!:

And finally, blanched and cooled purple beans that have turned green:

Isn't that fun?  

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