Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pig Goes For A Stroll!

I woke up on the first chance to sleep in a little bit, looked out the window, and saw one of the pigs walking around my yard!  Boy did I hustle fast into my clothes and run out to get it before it took a walk over to the neighbor's houses!

Luckily, it came when it saw me and I was able to get it to go back into the pen when I filled the feed trough.  

I'm not sure how it got out, but when I wanted it to go in it wouldn't even step over the lowest fence wire.  I had to undo all three gate wires for it to go into the pen.  I think maybe it just got really hungry and went looking for more food.  The damage that a hungry pig does to a lawn is amazing.  It dug up at least  20 feet of grass!   

They're getting to the size now where all they do is eat all day and scream for me to bring more food.  I'm a slave to bringing them goodies to nosh on.  Corn stalks, apples, old tomatoes, giant zucchini - they eat it all!  Don't be concerned if you see a lady picking up buckets of dropped apples along the road (the apple crop is phenomenal this year)... that'll be me!  


  1. It is amazing how strong their snouts are when they get to rutting in the grass. Pigs are smart - hopefully he won't get out again. We always fed/feed the pigs those "treats" too. Yes, it has been an awesome apple year! Blessing from Wisconsin.

  2. I had some dear friends bring me a load of apple scraps from their canning yesterday for the pigs. They went wild! Then the children climbed an old apple tree and shook off the apples and we filled two feed sacks.

  3. You know you are a farm girl when you chase pigs in your PJs! Or what is at least PJ time!