Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Registered Idaho Pasture Piglets For Sale

Finally, a chance to get the new, small-homestead, Idaho Pasture Pigs in your barnyard!

We sell only the best for breeding pairs and the rest as meat pigs for butcher.  We request that you do not breed pigs purchased for butcher as this would ruin the qualities for which we're striving.  

If you're not sure if you want to start out as a breeder, we offer you the opportunity to purchase and raise one or two piglets for butcher, see how you like them - their characteristics and their outstanding tasting meat - and we're pretty sure you'll be looking for a breeding pair next year! 

This little black and white boar (he's a big boy!) and ginger-colored gilt below are really something special with the traits we look for in the Idaho Pasture Pig.  They will NOT be sold as a breeding pair as they are brother and sister.  We work with another farm to bring you high quality, non-related breeding pairs. 

Here are a few more pictures of our piglets.  This little gilt flopped over on her side after eating and allowed the other piglets to poke around at her.    

For more information about Idaho Pasture Pigs, click on the above link to "Idaho Pasture Pigs" and follow the link to this and this site.  

2017 Pricing:

Breeding Gilt: $350

Breeding Boar: $350

Breeding Pair: $700

Pigs for Butcher: $85

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  1. Please contact me about this beautiful black and white boar because I would love a breeding pair that includes him! My email is mhblake87@gmail.com Thanks so very much! Kind Regards, Melanie