Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bourbon Red Turkey Hopes

One of our farm hopes is to raise Bourbon Red turkeys.  They're so beautiful and we hope, in the fall, to find out how good they taste.  We've heard excellent reviews!

When we got our poults, I asked the gentlemen if he knew what their sex was and he said, "Your guess is as good as mine."  We found later that we ended up with three jakes and one hen.  So I'm always telling our hen that all of our flock hopes are pinned on her.  

Saying that, if there is someone that has a bunch of Bourbon Red hens and wants to trade a jake for a hen they should contact me!

Our hen has started laying.  Of course she doesn't lay eggs in the nice big pile of hay that I put in her coop, but instead on the bare ground.  So far, I've found eggs frozen to the ground so I'm sure they're not viable.  

However, I'm hoping the warmer weather will give me a chance to stick a few eggs under some chickens (I'm crossing my fingers for one of the girls to go broody) and to deliver some to the high school's Agriculture department for placement in their incubator.  

I'll keep a couple of eggs under our turkey hen to see if she'll set and I'll give her a chance to be a mommy.  But I've been told that they're terrible mothers and often leave the eggs after two weeks of sitting.  

It seems like there's always some interesting experiments/projects going on around here!

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  1. Sounds fun - good luck with the eggs. I've heard the same of turkeys maybe your hen will prove them wrong. fingers crossed.