Monday, February 13, 2012

NOW It Looks Like Maple Season

We've had such an unseasonably warm winter that there wasn't a bit of snow on the ground and it felt strange to be preparing for maple tapping.  This past weekend we had a bit of snow and very cold weather blow through and NOW it looks like maple season.  I'm happy that there's only a tiny amount of white stuff on the ground because in past years we've had to work through knee high snow.  Now, that's hard work!

The sap evaporator is almost ready, the reverse osmosis machine is almost ready, lots and lots of wood has been cut (although I think you can never cut enough), sap lines are being installed and cleaned up, and tapping (with the help of some friends) begins this weekend!   

Right now, I'm putting my camera batteries into the charger and will take lots and lots of photos!

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  1. Hello! I stopped in off the hop and really enjoy your blog. I would like to invite you to mine and my give away!

  2. We tap our trees too but just for us. We have a few trees that have great sap and then we sit out and cook it over the open fire. It's fun. You must have a pretty big operation to have sap lines and evaporators. I would like to make maple sugar next. You can see ours here:

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures! :)

  4. Love maple syrup. I too am looking forward to your photos.