Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Turkeys and Bees!

This week I picked up more bee packages.  

I drove home with them Saturday.  The weather was kind of rainy when I got home, so we move the bees into our dining room.  We installed the bees into their new homes on Sunday.

I have a zillion pictures of us installing bees and didn't want to fuss with the phone camera, so this is one from previous years.  The one thing we did different is that we took out three frames, then dumped in the bees, then slowly put the frames back into the hive.  That way the bees are down in the hive and not flying all over the place.  

The weather has turned cool, so I'm anxiously watching the hives and waiting to get in and make sure the queen was released from her queen cage!

Do you remember few weeks ago I told you about the turkey eggs that we gave to the high school agriculture program for hatching?  

I got a call yesterday that a peep was coming out of one of the eggs!

That's my peep breaking out of it's egg on the right.  The little bird on the left is from a turkey egg donated by another person.  We were worried that our little poult would get stuck in the egg.  She was given a little help at the end of the school day and this morning, this is what was waiting!

Is that not a face to fall in love with?  She'll come home on Friday and be put under a heat lamp until she grows big enough to join the flock.  

Why do I say "she"?  Because right now I have three jakes and one hen.  So I really, really hope it's a she!


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