Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mmmmm. Quiche

My chickens lay these absolutely gorgeous eggs with dark orange yolks and now they're laying up to two dozen (sometimes more!) a day.  So, you can probably guess that I'm always looking for recipes that use eggs.  This is one of my favorites in the summer.

Mix and Match Quiche

I had a handful of asparagus from my garden - not enough for a meal for four.  I had lots and lots of eggs.  I had bacon in the freezer from our pigs butchered last fall.  Finally, I had pie crusts made with lard I had rendered from our pigs in the freezer (I make four pie crusts at a time, roll them in balls, and freeze them).  So quiche was inevitably what was for dinner!  

I love this recipe.  I can't tell you from where it came, but it's completely versatile.  BTW, I think a pound of bacon is waaaay too much meat - and I always add some kind of vegetable.  Other than the egg milk, flour, and mustard, everything else can be switched out.  I've used ham, chicken, and other meats I have on hand in place of the bacon.  I prefer a sharp cheddar to the Swiss cheese.  I've used feta - yum!  Sometimes I'll a different spice or herb other than nutmeg.  Thyme goes well with ham and broccoli.  And any number of veggies can be mixed in - broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, chard, the sky is the limit!      

I'd be interested to hear what you mix and match in your quiche... enjoy!

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